Friday, September 5, 2008

Remote Debugging

Today we faced an interesting challenge. We had a service runioing remotely and we needed to debug it. Though we selected the easiest option, that is, we checked if VS2008 was on QA machine and debugged locally. My search for remote debugging led me to some very interesting articles.

This howto focuses mainly on setting up and configuring Visual Studio 2008 (should work with Visual Studio 2005 as well) remote debugging where the client machine that runs the IDE is not on a domain or is not on the same domain as the target machine. You may as well find this howto useful if you connect via a virtual private network and want to develop or debug your server applications from there or you have problems connecting to the remote debugger service.
This step-by-step article describes how to set up and use remote debugging in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Remote debugging is considered one of the toughest topics in ASP.NET, but it's a really cool feature and is really helpful when we cannot have a local Web server or when we have to store the applications at a centralized location. This column covers how to set up and use remote debugging in Visual Studio 2005.

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